What is feng shui?

Intuitive wisdom and common sense led every ancient culture to have a practice of observing patterns in nature. The Chinese have a living tradition of working with these patterns and have built a well-documented body of knowledge over thousands of years which they call feng (wind) shui (water). Though the practice of feng shui isn't culturally specific, its roots in eastern philosophy complement our contemporary western sensibility.

Why did I become a feng shui consultant?

I'm interested in the intersection of design and psychology, in helping people make connections between their lives and their spaces, and creating a vehicle for inspiring positive change.

Who should be talking to a consultant?

Feng shui can feel supportive to anyone at anytime, but it could be especially helpful if you're feeling stuck or blocked, or if you're experiencing rapid change or transition in your life.

What does a typical feng shui session look like?

A consultation usually starts with an understanding about where you are and where you want to go. It includes a close look at your living or work spaces to start making connections that will energize and inspire you. In a home or workplace consultation, I'll recommend design solutions that create optimal physical and emotional support.

Most consultations take 2-3 hours, depending on the complexity of the space, and you'll receive a written summary of feng shui recommendations. Please contact for pricing.

I feel like my entire life has changed for the better since our consultation by making adjustments throughout my living space and understanding what it is that I want out of life. Also, my attitude has been different since our meeting. I have learned how to focus better, think more clearly and go for what I want. You have really opened my eyes up to so many potential possibilities that lie ahead of me. I AM EMPOWERED!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift.
— With much gratitude, Cathy
Hi Christine,
Just have to let you know that this morning Kwon started cleaning the mess around our big tree and I joined him (funny how it’s easier to listen to a friend rather than a spouse!).
Today I received two inquiries for parties and Kwon got a call from a new person and did their job this afternoon. I’m thinking we should slow down on the clean-up of the tree and do a little bit every day so business will keep rolling in. Imagine what will happen when Kwon builds a wooden plant holder or something for the corner of our patio! It was a good day. Love this feng shui stuff and learned so much from you. It’s very cool.
— XO Anne